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Topic: show correct *.m4a bitrates with WinAmp 5 (Read 1732 times) previous topic - next topic
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show correct *.m4a bitrates with WinAmp 5

I noticed WinAmp 5 (at least) shows the correct bitrate of the iTune encoded files. The funny thing is: Dare to change the id-tag with WinAmp 5 and the correct bitrate is shown in iTunes. But ... you can't play the file any longer with iTunes. If you erase the discnumber added by WinAmp 5 with foobar the files are playable with iTunes again!!!! Now with the correct bitrate. You will notice that the newer encoder (since 4.5) produces half VBR-files. Encoding ambient music (for instance) show an average birate of 115 kbs instead of the 127-129 from older encoder versions.

I never had problems with artifacts at this bitrate ...

In my opinion the sound quality significantly increased especially at 128 kbs.