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MPEG-4 Video

Ivan, I was just wondering how your MPEG-4 video encoder is coming along.  I remember you talking about it on the forum a while ago.  I seem to recall you commenting on using your video and audio encoders together to encode movies.  Any update on the status of your project would be appreciated.


MPEG-4 Video

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Ok, people - I am working very hard on .mp4 file authoring tool. This tool will include optimized AAC and MPEG-4 Video encoder.

At this state it is pretty unfinished, it encodes audio files only, but I suppose I will make it work with video, too -  in a few weeks.

Another problem arise with .mp4 standard - there are not many tools with .mp4 I/O ability and the compatibility between them is not on a very high level. I rely on MPEG4IP reference implementation which is going to be ISMA 1.0 compatible.

I have whole bunch of various .mp4 files and implementations. Philips .mp4 works with Envivio (and won't work with Philips Webcine v1.1), but UBStream won't read them at all.

MPEG4IP would read some of Philips files, also it reads FhG IIS audio .mp4 files - Envivio and Philips won't read FhG audio files  ISO REFSOFT .mp4 library seems to work fine, but it is not documented (it is not in final state) - complete mess

MPEG-4 Video

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Hey Ivan, few months I talked with you in vqf forum about fraktal techniques with achieve extraordinary compression in video.

Well in there is a link of a page about a guy that claims he can put 20 dvd in 1cd with his compression technique.

What do you think about this?? (Sorry, only if you have some time to do this)

The page in german:

The link of thread  where is a little traduction of the previous page.

20 DVD's to 1 CD (Dutch Article, someone translate)

Nos vemos...

MPEG-4 Video

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Originally posted by serbersan

The page in german:

*cough* German != Dutch

There is no technical information in the article.

It looks like a hoax to me. Fractal image compression was something that looked good in theory, but making a practical implementation with acceptable speed is another matter.

Edit: I found a Dutch forum with some posts by this guy and I am even more suspect. He keeps stressing it is not a compression technique but a 'digital language'. Huh. He didn't exactly come across as a computer literate in the posts, let along as someone who knows his stuff about compression techniques. He's also a dj promoting his two CD's. Hmm. He probably made it up to get more publicity for himself and sell more CD's or so. I don't believe a word of it. Just stupid journalists probably.



MPEG-4 Video

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Well, there are way too much "revolutionary" methods out there  . Hehehe...

Now serious, since Divx ;-) has been mentioned by almost every living journalist out there, there have been numerous "news" about fantastic new codecs, encoders etc.

Sadly most of the time this is just crap... The really promising ones are often insider tips (like XviD was or is)...

Before someone ask where or what XviD is:


Can't wait to see Ivan's authoring tool...


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