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audio + MPEG1

i had to go to pressing plant next monday
with 2 audio masters and a disc with  one MPEG1  file ( with a trailer 20 seconds of a movie-trailer )

and must ask them to make this together for preparing a glassmaster
to press  one maxi single-cd with 3 parts, so  the consumers can play :
- 2 songs in their cd-player and car etc. like a normal cd
- 1 trailer via their pc

do you think its quiet easy to edit this together doing
that at the  customer-service dept of a pressing-plant or

is it better to find the best studio in my neighborhood, where they have the right knowledge about the redbook specifications and the yellow book specifiations  ( i'm writing this now, but i knew nothing about the yellow-part )

or is this all  a stupid question......?

rgs JorisPiano