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FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

I was just wondering what people find nice to use, in case I am missing out something.

Particularly, I haven't explored the possibility of DScaler plugins.

I now have Postprocessing on:
- Presets option,
- Automatic Quality Control activated,
- Processing method is mplayer,
- Level fix Luminance also activated, Full Luma Range is deactivated.

I have the build from May 23, 2003. Any better option?

I would like to optimize my FFDshow experience! 

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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Thanks! Downloading and testing...

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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hmm.  i'm on the kind of machine where if i don't want async audio i can't have postprocessing... (well, on 640x480+)  but usually i just crank it to full and leave it there, with "strength" set at aboot 192 (what is it with us geeks and power of 2 multipliers?).

auto postprocessing makes no sense usually as the different levels react on different frames, leading to inconsistent smoothing.  any encode with b-frames will look odd from the vibrating blurs.

occasionally i'll switch on the visualisations  these are quite fun to watch, whether it's quantizer or vectors.

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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I prefer no post processing.  Post processing tends to make the image softer and less detailed.  I can live with a few blocks here and there but details is a must for me at least.  However, most of my encodes are 1.5mbps+ and usually are 2 cds or more so if you are into the low bitrate end of things chances are you might benefit more from post processing.  If I were to recommend anything I would recommend XviD's deblocking filter.  However, in ffdshow if you use relatively low values with the automatic quality control you should be good.  Start off at low values and work your way up till you notice that the picture has begun to become too smooth.

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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I use mplayer's postprocessing with every option turned on and strength set to 256 (I really don't know if that is in any way optimal)

I've grown quite fond of adding just a little noise.
New noise algorithm
Limunance noise strength: 9
Chroma noise strength: 3

I used to use "levels" to raise the gamma to about 1.16 but I use the built in color controls of my graphics card now.

I switched to using the xvid decoder (from the 1.0b3 release) for xvid material. The deblocker works like a charm!

I wish I could use the xvid decoder and feed the output to ffdshow (which should be possible afaik), but it allways crashes.

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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Indeed, post-processing with MPEG-1 remove lots of detail by bluring the background

FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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adding sharpness is a great feature of ffdshow imo
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FFDshow best postprocessing settings?

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I use the same settings as Kblood. Sometimes low bitrates need sharpening.
My old ffdshow just crashes with Nic's method, so no choice there.

I hate noise! I would never add such nonsense

There is a ffdshow revival going on, check this thread at doom9.

I'm waiting for a more stable ffdshow that supports Xvid 1.0; i'm even putting on hold switching to the current Xvid encoder due to a lack of a decent ffdshow and or Xvid decoder (first won't work, later is too slow and feature incomplete).

I certainly like to have ffdshow instead of Divx/3ivx/Xvid decoders; i wish they enabled raw and mpeg1/2 processing too.
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