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Topic: Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision (Read 3849 times) previous topic - next topic
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Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision

I had no idea computer DVD Drives had macrovision with them... this is pretty irritating.

Is there a freeware version of DVDRegionFree?  Or something that removes Macrovision at least?

Thanks a lot

[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']Should have checked Drive model number when home last night[/span]

Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision

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Are you sure it is the DVD drive? I guess you are using your graphics cards TV-out? My ATI card adds Macrovision protection on the TV-out signal...

Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision

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Definately the drive, obscurely enough... Once things are Svcd's or .ogm's things are fine.

Macrovision is ridiculous.

Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision

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(Continuing to speculate here... Please correct me if I am wrong...)
I am not 100% sure that it proves that it is the drive. I think the ATI TV-out may be smart enough to only add protection when playing DVD:s. I also thought Macrovision was sort of in the analogue domain, which makes it difficult for me to understand how the drive would be able add it?

Matsh*ta DVD Drive with Macrovision

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hmm, you'll have to go hunting but i used to use a beta version of dvdidle 1.5, it's what got split up and turned into the current dvdidle and DVD RegionFree. Funny thing is, they charge more now for the region free when they realised it was worth something. This worked wonders for my matsushita drive (infamous UDJA715 or something like that). Not sure of the legalities of using a beta, but it doesn't have a time limit  . I think it prob only exists on P2P networks anymore. The drive adding macrovision sounds weird to me too, but dvdidle (v.1.5 beta) cuts that out as well as unlocking RPC2 drives pretty effectively