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VirtualDubMod released

The developers have released a new version of VirtualDubMod. Changes:
- Warn you when a subtitle don't have its duration set in a matroska file (instead
  of throwing an error).
- Warn you if something really bad about timecodes happens when writing an mkv file.
- Fixed bug ( where all streams would be muxed with a 1 frame interleaving.
- Fixed bug ( where Matroska Segment size was incorrectly written.
- When editing an mkv file (without recompressing) the Aspect Ratio info is kept.
- Fixed bug where some large (>4GB) files wouldn't open.
- Fixed bug where the length of uncompressed audio streams would be wrong for OGM/MKV files.
- Fixed bug preventing Win 9x/Me users from saving sequence of images.
- Using Advanced filtering on more than one audio stream should work properly now.
- Fixed yet a few crashes when processing badly corrupted OGM files.
- Fixed bug where chapter information were incorrectly processed when muxing (would happen
  when deleting a subset starting at frame 0).
- Fixed possible crash when processing corrupted MP3 VBR stream muxed in an AVI file by
  Nandub or (really) old versions of VirtualDubMod.
- Fixed problem with AVI files containing an MP3 stream encoded using Dr. DivX.
- Fixed possible problem with AVI files containing MP3 VBR muxed with AVI-Mux GUI.
- Fixed problem (error -100, no video appearing in the preview windows) where XviD was
  selected as decoder (instead of DivX) with OGM/MKV files containing DivX 5 video.
- Fixed broken code (resulting in problems when opening or muxing) in the DTS parser.
- Take into account the LFE channel in channel count for AC3 files.
- Readded the possibility to enqueue "Save WAV" or "Demux" as a job.
- Stream title is now written as stream name in AVI files.
- Copied VirtualDub 1.5.5 code to fix the focus stealing issues with the "Dubbing Status"
  window. Also now this window remains hidden when using the /s commandline option.
- Fixed bug where some mkv files (with incorrect segment size) wouldn't open.
- Fixed bug preventing the "Audio" menu to popup under Windows NT4.
- Merged changes up to 1.5.10. Expect new exciting bugs now :>
- Removed ASF support in the code. There are better tools out there for ASF.
- Removed internal AC3 decompressing since fccHandler made an ACM codec for AC3.
- Added an option ("Adjust chapters ...") for chapters inside a stream. When enabled the
  chapters time are adjusted according to the subsets (i.e. the chapters listed for a stream
  are considered as the ones for the original full clip). When disabled the chapters are
  only adjusted according to the start and end time of your selection (i.e. the chapters
  listed are considered as the ones of the clip after you edited subsets).
- Warning (instead of errors) are triggered for some errors (when some data had no timestamp,
  or when a frame had only a forward reference) inside Matroska files.
- A warning should be triggered when a VFR video stream is found inside a Matroska file.
  Nb: in this case we strongly advise you to use another tool to safely process your file.
- Removed VDM specific items from the 'standard' preference windows. Use the 'VDubMod'
  preferences window to setup those settings.
- Added a (track) "Name" comment in the availabe comment types. This set the track name in
  AVI files (only shown by some players) and correspond to the track name in Matroska.

- Included Toff's fix for the last chapter in matroska files.
- Added 'Insert Crop' in the Script Editor for AviSynth scripting. It sums up all
  crops performed in the VDub filters.
- Two new options for the Script Editor. One activates single instance mode meaning
  you will only have one editor window. The other one automatically pops up the script
  editor when you open an avs file or loads it into an active editor window in single
  instance mode.
- Fixed: Refresh [1.5.9]
- Fixed: Frameset transfer to AVS Editor [1.5.9]
- Fixed: Hotkeys in AVS Editor [1.5.9]
- Converted filename transfer to unicode.
- Partly fixed: AVS Templates (no unicode filenames and no multiple selection yet) [1.5.9]
- AVS Templates are now a part of the normal Open Dialog, replacing "Open via Avisynth".
- Fixed: tick settings not working if a file is opened via the MRU