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Topic: Will MP4/AAC ever be an option in Vegas? (Read 1812 times) previous topic - next topic
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Will MP4/AAC ever be an option in Vegas?

I am a bit surprised to see that Sonic Foundry (now, Sony... naturally) has still not made Rendering to .MP4 / AAC a reality in both their Vegas 4 and their SoundForge 7.0 products.

They seem to have just about every other main-format supported in there, why not this one? Is it a licensing issue? Something else I am not aware of? I would like to be able to RENDER a Mix Session directly from one of those two programs to .MP4 without having to waste the time making a .WAV file and then having Nero AAC render it from the .WAV file.

And while we are at it, will MS' WMP 9.xx ever have the ability to play .MP4/AAC out of the Box? I like the way it will stream-play an .MP3 or .WMA file from the Net when downloading it, but when I click on an .MP4 file, I have to wait for the download to finish before Nero WavePlayer will kick in and play it.

Any hope?