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NeroMIX Questions

I am getting mixed signals about the NeroMIX update. Is this for real or a beta or yanked version? It does not appear as an upgrade in the Nero Update (StartSmart) program currently or on the Nero web site if you click on Downloads, Updates, Updates Nero 6 at ( still shows of NeroMIX). But if you click on the little"download arrow" next to the new version of Nero 6 Ultra Edition to download version of that you get a download page with a URL of which shows that update plus lists a new version of NeroMIX (version that can be downloaded.

My question is which is right? Has this release been put out officially (if so, why does it not show when you click on "Check Now" for updates in Nero StartSmart?) or was this beta or otherwise yanked version with bugs that Nero stopped from being downloaded when someone looks for updates?

Either way, there is something strange going on here. Menno could you share some light on this and let me know if it is OK to download this version of NeroMIX. Thanks. What has been fixed in this release by the way?

Also I just did some more checking and this file on the update page appears to be Nero Media Player (filename NeroNMP1406.exe) insteaf of NeroMIX, even though the download states that it is NeroMIX Since I had a bad experience (detailed in a previous thread) with trying Nero Media Player, I am especially cautious about downloading and applying this purported "update to Package 4" (which is NeroMix). Perhaps this file got put on one of your update download web pages by accident, insetad of the NeroMIX update.

I am just a bit confused and wanted clarification on whether to download and install this "update" file or not.

After doing more research I think the problem stems from the wrong web page being displayed by Nero StartSmart when checking for updates. Now I think I know that NeroMIX has NOT been updated to yet, just the Nero Media Player has (which is NOT part of Nero 6 Ultra). Yes on my StartSmart for Nero 6 Ultra it checks for updated version OK (that is why it didn't report and update for NeroMIX and still shows version, yet when I click on the arrow next to the other update (Nero 6 Ultra Edition to download version the wrong download page is displayed... the one with the Nero Media PLayer update as Package 4 on it (Look slike the regular Nero 6 Update page and NOT the Nero 6 ULTRA update page). If people start downloading any of the 4 packages for "regular Nero 6" instead of the correct patches for Nero 6 Ulta, who knows what chaos the updates will wreak o the programs. Perhaps that is why my Nero 6 Ultra stopped buring CDs after the update was applied...

Either way I wanted to poing this out to you guys at Nero so people don't download the wrong updates and hose their versions of Nero 6 Ultra Edition.