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OPPO 203

I own an OPPO UDP 203 that's in brand new condition that I bought immediately befor OPPO went away. It's been used very little in the six years or so that I've had it. Now that these things are selling for four times as much as they cost new I'm tempted to sell it on the aftermarket I asked for a quote from The Music Room two days ago and still waiting for them to email my quote. I stated I wanted to get $1200 for it. A quick google search reveals that online sites like Amazon have used 203's for sale for $1995 and even more.
I rarely listen to CD anymore I do still watch bluray movies but I can replace the OPPO today with a panasonic or sony bluray player for around $200 give or take. I'm just w if I'll regret letting go of the OPPO. Opinions here would be appreciated. What would you do?


Re: OPPO 203

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I don’t know anything about your model, but I own an Oppo BDP-103 that also sells used for more than I purchased it for (but not insane prices like you’re talking about). I am not sure I understand all the reasons that these units sell used at such a premium, but I know that there are alternate firmware versions and batch files available that allow them to do things that they’re not able to do stock. For example, I have used mine to digitally rip SACD discs to obtain DSD test files, which is obviously something you’re not supposed to do.

It may be that there is a whole universe of such enhancements available for your unit as well. Might be worth investigating before selling it, but if you’re not using it often and you don’t own disc types that won’t play on new, cheaper players, I can’t see a good reason to keep it.

I find that electronic components that aren’t used eventually stop working, and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t sell it. Of course, you could gamble that it might go up even higher, but maybe Oppo could run another batch and then it would drop like a stone (although that’s unlikely). I don’t think I’d ever sell mine, but they’re not fetching >$1K either.