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Helix MP3 Encoder v5.1.1

Hi, I'm sharing (also as a backup) improved Helix MP3 encoder.

- Long gap reduced,
- Fix typo.

Recommended presets for foobar2000:
VBR ~192 kbps: %s %d -V114 -X2 -U2 -HF2 -TX0
User "level" preset VBR ~200 kbps: %s %d -V120 -X2 -HF2 -SBT450 -TX0
CBR 192 kbps (compatibility): %s %d -B96 -U2 -HF2 -TX0

On foobar2000 set bit resolution to 16 bit. Please don't use piping, because it cuts off beginning of the song.
Binary compiled with VSE2008. Source code taken from thanks john33!
In archive zip contains encoder and source code.

Re: Helix MP3 Encoder v5.1.1

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thanks for sharing. :)
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