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The Y2Y theme is designed for viewing local videos and videos from YouTube


1. Download the latest up-to-date version of foobar2000 1.6+ from the official website
2. Install foobar2000 in portable mode, (do not run)
3. Download the archive Y2Y ( or Y2Y (                                   
4. Unpack the archive to the root folder foobar2000
5. The assembly is ready for use

Y2Y is based on components:
Columns UI 1.6.0
Panel JScript
mpv video 0.6.9 Beta
Panel Stack Separator 0.3.8 (alpha)
Source Youtube 3.7.2
FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper 0.6

 - if necessary, install the font from the fonts folder

- to display the logos of radio stations, place the necessary logos in the Radio Logos folder and in the Display menu in the Front
   cover column, enter your absolute path to the Radio Logos folder
   $if(%length%,,C:\Users\SergP\Desktop\Y2Y\foobar2000\profile\Radio Logos\%title%.*)

- to download videos from YouTube in the root of disk C: create a folder called "Video",the downloaded videos will be located in this folder
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Fixed the download link,minor changes.

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