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DSU Channel Bleed issue

I have an Onkyo TX SR393 system. Connected to it is my Xbox one as well as a Comcast DTA (supports stereo sound only). I've noticed that whenever I consume content that is just 2 channel (via Comcast DTA and through some Xbox one media apps) I hear sounds designed for the front and center channels bleeding into the right surround speaker, doesn't happen all the time but it happens enough to be irritating. Seems to happen more with stereo content rather than native 5.1 content. Switching over to DTS Neural/Virtual X...This issue is non-existent across 2 channel content and even 5.1 content. Another factor to note is that except when playing games or using apps that support surround sound I have my Xbox one set to Stereo Uncompressed, otherwise I don't get sound from the center channel or sub. Any explanation as to why this is happening and how to fix it?