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Converting from DVD to MKV h264

Hello, everyone,

let's admit that I wanted to rip a video dvd to mkv with a fantastic program (in my opinion) as VidCoder. Using the x264 video codec, what would be the ideal bitrate to convert it to fullhd? At the moment I convert to 9000 kbps. But is it really better to increase the resolution or do you advise me to convert it always with the same resolution and that is standard definition like the original dvd ?

Re: Converting from DVD to MKV h264

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I generally stay away from setting a bitrate and just use at CRF of 18 and SMDegrain to desnoise (i'm a staxrip user). For the resolution i keep it the same as the source minus cropping. If the movie has a lot of grain\noise and you try and increase the resolution it's not going to look that great.

What movie is it BTW?

Maybe look at alternative means to find a high res copy of it.
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