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handbrake video converter

for a video that keeps coming out as 4:3 or 4:1 when displaying it, how do i get it to end at 16:9? (how do i change the aspect ratio?)
original video is 4:3 or 4:1. i want it to be 16:9 without having to change the aspect ratio in media players; so converting it is the way to go

please any help would be much appreciated.

handbrake video converter

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something like
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -i 43.mp4 -aspect 16:9 -vcodec copy -acodec copy 169.mp4

will change aspect on container level without transcoding. More

as for handbrake you would probably want to read this;
PANIC: CPU 1: Cache Error (unrecoverable - dcache data) Eframe = 0x90000000208cf3b8
NOTICE - cpu 0 didn't dump TLB, may be hung


Re: handbrake video converter

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Forgive me guys to bother you but this is the only thread i find about media format conversion and i just have a very related and similar problem. May I post it here to look for an answer.  Did you ever know the output format - FBR? because recently i used a screen capture program named BB Flashback, also to record HD quality videos. However, the output generated by this application was. FBR. I couldn't play it in VLC and Windows Media Player. Later I found this article (link removed) and it told me that i firstly have to convert FBR to mp4 . I only want to know whether conversion is the only possible method to solve this issue since i know that video compression always causes some kind of quality loss (the original video is 1080p 60 Fps) and if there could be an alternative way such as to change  .extension or to use another better video player?

edit: link removed by moderation