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CELP Audio file Convertion Issue

Hello Hydrogen Audio people!

I am trying to help a friend who has a voicemail recording of a now deceased family member from 10 years ago that was recorded with the CELP codec which is used by Philips recorder devices. It is proving a challenge.

I've tried: - This player by Philips no luck

Switch sound file converter - no luck

Renaming the wav to mp4 - no luck

I have no clue on how to use this -

Most players I've found are no longer supported and the download links are broken. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this? Thank you very much in advance.

CELP Audio file Convertion Issue

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Sorry I didn't explain what I wanted to do with the file!

I'd like to convert it from CELF wav to mp3, windows wav, or any other popular codec and container. Even if I could play it so I could re-record it.

CELP Audio file Convertion Issue

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Someone here on a Q & A website answered their own question that Switch was able to convert their file if they had the right codec installed.

Perhaps try it then if it fails try installing one if the mega codec packs. K-lite used to be popular. For me I'd prefer to do a full system backup first so I could remove the codec pack and any adware I inadvertently installed with it after completing the conversion.

Have you tried installing foobar2000 and any components for decoding unusual formats? That might be worth a shot first.
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CELP Audio file Convertion Issue

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Hello Dynamic,

Thank you for the reply. I've tried all the suggestions before coming here. It has been a real pickle. However, it has finally been done by a friend of mine. Philips doesn't make it easy and I will never recommend their hardware/software because of it.

CELP Audio file Convertion Issue

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The answer when facing obscure media formats is often ffmpeg.
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