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EXP401 with Nero AAC

Ivan/other people

I read a bit in another thread where you questioned whether EXP's could play AAC files with less than 44 Khz. 

Well mine plays all Pystel fine (all 44 Khz) and play Nero at 128/Normal fine (44 Khz).  When I encode at 96Kbps (32 Khz) or less in Nero, this plays back fine on Winamp.  However, the Exp plays the first second or tow of the track at higher speed and frequency and then reverts to normal.  It's a little bit weird and damn annoying.  Were you right and am I right to say that Exp's won't play less than 44 Khz correctly?  Therefore this means that I can't use Nero to rip 64Kbps which Pystel won't do either. I want to be able to rip straight from CD to AAC like with Nero but @ radio/64kbps.  Also like to convert mp3's to this.  Is there a fix for this?