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Nero Disc Speed (in Linux)

I had Disc Speed installed in Win for decades, various updates as needed.
I have WINE installed in my Linux computer already.
Where in a standard Windows system is Disc Speed installed? E.g. Program Files, Program Files (x86), etc? Often I can run directly off the Windows drive.
Or if download onto my Linux system (download folder) and click the EXE, Wine will install it in the proper .wine directory).
I can't seem to (a) find the Windows folder nor (b) install it fresh from Linux.

Re: Nero Disc Speed (in Linux)

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On my Windows 10, 64-bit computer -

The installer I have is:

Installed to:
Program files (x86)/Nero\Nero DiscSpeed

The files in the folder are:


Re: Nero Disc Speed (in Linux)

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I had XP2 before Linux and just found it (DiscSpeed.exe, in this folder):
/media/file625/2A74334C743319D1/Documents and Settings/my_user_name/My Documents/Nero_tools
Yes, it works in Linux!