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General Audio / Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old
Last post by sundance -
I have not yet found a single CD in my 1000+ collection that fell for "Disc rot".
But I have to admit that I treat my CDs very carefully (always store them in a place out of direct sunlight, handle with care, ...)
And, to be honest, after ripping them all to FLAC I don't handle them at all, except for occasional reading the booklet.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)
Last post by Monno -
Now that I've tried the stock playlist on version 2 I gotta say the the ability to assign playlist views to specific playlists is a huge game changer for me.

Honestly, I love the unique features that SimPlaylist has but there's only a handful of them (group stats, sub-groups, sticky group headers when scrolling, etc). It would be better if the stock playlist just incorporated these few handful of SimPlaylist features rather than reviving (and maintaining) a dead component.

I agree. We need groups, aggregate stats, and sticky headers in the default playlist.
General Audio / Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old
Last post by sundance -
I happen to have a Japan/CBS edition of Billy Joel's "52nd Street", but I'm not sure if it's from that first catalog titles. Mine has this catalog number: CDCBS 83181. I bought it as my first CD (sic!) in April 1984 from my first salery (along with a decent Yamaha CD player) and it still plays & looks pristine.