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Support - (fb2k) / Empty value is treated as not empty
Last post by VEG -
I often listen to this radio:
And I always encounter the same problem: empty value of %artist% is not treated as empty.
For example, for this title format string:
Code: [Select]
[%artist% - ]%title%
And for this data:
Code: [Select]
TITLE=Emancipator - Anthem
I get this:
Code: [Select]
 - Emancipator - Anthem
It is possible to resolve this problem using this trick:
Code: [Select]
$iflonger($trim(%artist%),0,%artist% - ,)%title%
But it is not very convenient to put similar code everywhere. It would be much better to make the [...] construction a bit smarter :)
Ogg Vorbis - General / Re: Vorbis comment padding issue
Last post by lithopsian -
There is no (practical) limit in the specification, but that's not to say that a particular encoder can't have a problem tagging, or may even impose a limit of its own.

You seem to be mixing up questions about flac (raw or in ogg?) and vorbis.  The standard flac encoder allows padding blocks to be written and even adds one by default just in case.  Since the metadata is in a known position at the start of the file, padding allows tags to be extended or added without having to also rewrite the much larger audio data, up to the space available from the padding block.  Vorbis allows similar padding to be used, although not using explicit padding blocks; pages are simply written larger than would be necessary to contain their contents.
I'll just get my popcorn and watch the show  ;D
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by widerock -
- CHG: Remove the whole IStyleTextRender interface. Anything that uses
       gdi.CreateStyleTextRender or was based on "glow text sample.txt"
       will no longer work

Is there anything to replace " gdi.CreateStyleTextRender" thing?
MP3 / Re: MP3 license is expired?
Last post by IgorC -

It's better to check an official information

Patent 5703999 has expired already.  The real date of expiration is November 18, 2016 (not December 2017).
Version: 4.0.2b
    • Fixed UTF8 encoding related crashes.
    • First time launch resizes window properly now .
    • Updated theme.fcl:
      • Fixed crash when clicking on volume bar in Playlist Mode ( again ).

Kudos @always.beta  :P
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by zeremy -
Sounds feasible. Both will probably be in next version.
Two observations , feature requests - if possible - regarding the video options.

1. The option to show subtitles initially also for LRC files. 
Would be great to always load lyrics someone has made for a clip without having to always manually select it from the popup menu. 

2. When playing local video files split with chapters the video always restarts to the beginning of the file when the next subsong index is played instead of displaying the video at the correct time.

Thanks .

Thanks first of all for the fixes with 2.1 beta 1.  :)

Beta feedback.

1. LRC auto-loading works as expected.

2. Chapter support works with MKV files.
With MP4 files the video window is one chapter behind. :o

Does adding BOM fix the crash in Cover Panel?
Yes, it will fix the crash in Cover Panel. (Almost all of the panels on startup have this error, not just the cover panel.  :D )
Ogg Vorbis - General / Vorbis comment padding issue
Last post by notrub -
I'm using Traktor with vorbis ogg files. I've run into an issue where every so often, Traktor corrupts one of the files when it writes Tag information. I've managed to do this repeatedly with certain files,noting that they play OK, but on import into Traktor they are analysed and as soon as Traktor updates the tag info in the file, the file becomes unplayable.

To get around this, I could "fix" certain files by removing the cover image from the file, PRIOR to scanning in Traktor, and then using mp3tag to reinsert the cover image afterwards. This led me to believe that it was Traktor having issues writing tags that was the issue.  My solution wasn't perfect though as periodically, files still became corrupted occasionally.

Anyway - for various reasons I decided to start using flac files instead - (my collection is flac, I'd converted to ogg for use in Traktor) - all seemed fine, and no corruption (yet), but I suddenly noticed that ALL the cover images have been removed from my files!

I'm trying to recreate the problem, but not sure what caused it as I have processed the files with Traktor, mp3tag, and MusicBee, so any could be responsible, but I wondered if it had something to do with the way Vorbis comments are stored?

So questions:

1) Is there a size limit to the amount of info that can be stored in a flac file tag - once that limit is reached, the cover is removed to make way for more??
2) I've heard that you can rip tracks with extra padding in the comment area so that the entire file is not rewritten when a tag is added - can padding be added later be any utility?