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Unable to Transfer Files by FTP to Pixel 4a

I've owned a Google Pixel 4a for a while now and was never able to get the FTP function working. When using WinSCP to transfer files I always get the error message attached below.

I'm guessing this is because the folders for FB2K are in the root, but I was able to use FTP just fine with the same method on my last phone which was a Huawei P20 pro. I've checked the permissions and the app has read/write access so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Anyone else with the same phone have a better method they use?

Re: Unable to Transfer Files by FTP to Pixel 4a

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I run an always-on ftp server on my Pixel XL and have done it for my all my other Pixels including the 4XL and now the 6 Pro, without issue with Solid Explorer. I use the default Windows Explorer ftp client though, that's good enough for the occasional transfer for me.

I'm not sure if the location of the foobar folder is the issue but it could be. I know Google messed around with the file access permissions on Android 11, could be that the P20 had another version of Android, or Huawei just didn't implement that restriction.