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Mobile Playback Statistics

Hello! Recent adopter of Foobar and FoobarMobile. Most of my playlists are based on playback count, last played date, and date added, and now that I'm commuting to work and back my car has become my primary listening device again so I'm missing all this tracking info that I could be using for my playlists.

Is there a way of tracking any of this with the mobile app?

Re: Mobile Playback Statistics

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If be keen to know as well. I want a similar solution. Sync play counts across multiple devices. Is this why everyone just goes Apple?

Re: Mobile Playback Statistics

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This is probably because the playback stats is a plugin and the mobile app would have to support sending data to the plugin on desktop. not simple, not everyone has it installed i guess.

Re: Mobile Playback Statistics

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Yes  I'd  also like to be able to rate my music now that my phone is being used more for listening