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Topic: Does resampler DSP reduce android device battery life? (Read 481 times) previous topic - next topic
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Does resampler DSP reduce android device battery life?

Is it worth resampling my 44.1 FLACs to 48 at encode time to avoid the need for using the DSP resampler or does it make hardly any difference? Which resampler does the mobile app use, is it SSRC?

Re: Does resampler DSP reduce android device battery life?

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May I ask the reason for resampling 44.1 to 48? Is it because your smartphone does not support the Audio CD format? If so, how did you find out which format it does support?


Re: Does resampler DSP reduce android device battery life?

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Resampling yourself is only really worth it if the final out has a terrible resampler that you can differentiate. As much of an HA trope as it is: listen yourself. I would never change the source file if avoidable, especially not if you have the storage to use FLAC to begin with. Your devices may change after all.
I have not tried a resampler yet that is terrible enough to notice. Consensus is that you won't hear a difference between the usual ones anyway. Even those that people say are 'not great' are really only noticeable in a mathematical way in an analysis in my experience, so far at least.

Any DSP will technically draw more battery. But getting rid of google apps and 'degoogling' your phone will provide 1000x more difference than little foo. Something like without google increases uptime dramatically because there are no constant spy connections in the background. Of course also consider all your other constantly-online apps. And of course display time, the biggest battery offender.