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Quadraphonic Stereo.

Stereo to four channels converter.

Split stereo to left (L ), right (R ), center (C ) and antiphase (S ) components. Mix it into four channels with different options. Equalize summary frequency characteristic to original.

The maximum quality provided by maximum FFT-Size option with high processor load. If you have lags, try to increase buffer size at output device (Preferences->Output->Buffer length).

The default mode is maximally balanced and symmetrical, because each component played by each pair of speakers.
The 4-th mode is nearly identical to Triple Stereo, but triple stereo is more accurate for this mode.
The last three modes (5,6 and 7) plays original stereo at front channels, therefore tonal balance is not congruence to source.

You can try this plugin with headphones with any combination of output channels.

download here


Quadraphonic Stereo.

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Really interested in this one
This gonna be avaible to download anytime soon?

Quadraphonic Stereo.

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yes, the plugin is available to download now.

Quadraphonic Stereo.

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Thank you, this a nice alternative for Channel Mixer (my favorite plugin) and FreeSurround.
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