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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_queuecontents - View and edit queue
Last post by LosMintos -
The component just shows the queue, which is different from "what is going to be played next"?
Sorry, if it's a dump question. I'd like to know, 'what comes next', e.g., in shuffle mode, and therefore I found and installed this component (foo_queuecontents;

However, the queue is empty. I find out, when I manually add a song to the playlist queue, it will be displayed in the queue. Fine.

Can you recommend a method to display the list of upcoming items in shuffle mode (perhaps for random mode, too, and of course it might work in default mode as well)?
Scientific Discussion / Why does a crossover DSP introduce digital clipping?
Last post by crymsonsunset -
I'm experimenting with setting up a 2.1 system in my office. I'm trying to keep the hardware footprint to a minimum, so I'm using software for almost everything right now.

My setup:
VoiceMeeter Potato x64
Potato Insert -> Element (VST Host)
Element -> Potato Insert
Potato -> Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 v3, ASIO driver
18i8 outputs 1 & 2 -> Mackie XR624 monitors
18i8 outputs 3 & 4 -> SVS SB3000

All of this works ok with no DSP applied, I can play back ultra-compressed audio (e.g., RHCP's Californication - could use white noise at 0dbfs, too) and the 18i8's meters never show clipping.

When I introduce a crossover VST in Element (I'm using ISOL8), and route channels 1 & 2 through it, I immediately see the meters indicate digital clipping on the 18i8. Note that I get the same result using VoiceMeeter's HPF and with Voxengo's BMS VST. To eliminate the clipping, I need to lower gain by 8dB or so. Why?

Given that I see the same behavior with several different crossovers, I suspect this might be inherent, but it's unclear to me why adding a 24db/octave HPF would cause > 7dB peaks (or add any gain at all). What am I missing?

CUETools / Track file size changed after cuetools fix
Last post by linuxgalere -

I sometimes uses cuetools in order to repair slightly damaged rips.

When I run cuetools to repair an entire CD rip, but with just one track in error, the size of all the files
change. And the file size change can be a few hundred of KBytes !

Is there an explanation for that : is it only the tagging space use in the files ?

Thank you for your answer. I hope I've been clear enough