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General A/V / Re: Audacity - file formats i can edit ?
Last post by HA-User -
sorry, i did not ask my question very clearly.  i have some of my cds ripped to individual folders.  so what i would be happy with is to convert a folder from stereo to mono, once i have finished any other editing i might need to do.  i would not be using an actual cd.  i do that when i do my original rip to wavpack.  i dont touch those files, cuz i always want an original lossless file.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: No Equalizer plugin affectingfrequencies 8khz and above
Last post by JILost721 -
Also note, that some OS settings may be stuffing the sound device into "communications" mode, in which the WH-1000XM4 is limited to 16kHz mono, both ways. If you're at all using the microphone input, it's limited in this way.

Conversely, iPods Pro are limited to 24 kHz mono both ways in communications mode. They run at 48 kHz stereo in AAC output mode.

Again, I'm definitely hearing the higher frequencies through the headphones, as iTunes' equalizer is affecting them as it should. Also, the weird limit I'm experiencing with foobar2000's equalizer is 8khz, not 16. I can definitely hear the higher frequencies when I listen to things in foobar -- with or without the eq dsp -- but the sliders in the eq aren't changing anything about the output at those frequencies. For a clear example: If I turn every slider all the way down, I can still hear content 8khz and above and the sliders for those frequencies do nothing. This also happens with the Graphic Equalizer component.

I don't think it's in "communications" mode, because I'm still hearing stereo sound.
General - (fb2k) / Playlist in homenetwork shared between windows, android, DLNA
Last post by peter_mars -
Dear Forum friends,
I do have all my music stored on Synology NAS, looking for an audioplayer, where I can create playlists, which are available and accessible on all audio devices in my home network (windows 11 notebook, Android 11 Table, Android 11 smartphone, Medion DLNA Internet Radio, ...) Can you pls help me, if Foobar2000 might be the player which is suitable for this ?
Thanks for your support.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Creating ALAC files using cuetools or from flacs?
Last post by Porcus -
Using CUETools works the same way as for conversion to FLAC.  But if the FLAC library is maintained with tag updates etc., then you won't go wrong using fb2k with tag transfer (and copy other files, so you get external album art too).

In any case, you are probably better off with the normal compression setting (refalac has only two settings; the alternative, "fast", does no stereo decorrelation).

Although it doesnt seem like there is a good way to select multiple folders at once
CUETools can do that yes: if you don't have a selection / drag and drop window up already, then "CUE Paths" will be to the left in your window;
click the downward triangle next to "Input" and choose a file selector or drag and drop mode.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar writes non-standard APEv2 tags to my WavPack files
Last post by redrose -
Actually, retagging them with foobar 1.6.9 solved the issue. Compressing the .dsf files again, which have id3 tags, with WavPack 5.4.0 could also not reproduce the error. I think there is currently no issue.
Fact is that I had a whole bunch of albums, converted in the past from .dsf with id3 tags to WavPack with APEv2 tags, which used the wrong APE keys. They were originally tagged by an older version of foobar, I think.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Creating ALAC files using cuetools or from flacs?
Last post by Kartoffelbrei -
Using cuetools
For Cuetools, you are able to select m4a files with the attribute "lossless". This will use the alac encoder. This can be done for an input folder.
Code: [Select]
from the flac files
You can also set the flac files folder as input in cuetools and do the same what i wrote above. Although it doesnt seem like there is a good way to select multiple folders at once
Code: [Select]
-some other way?
I recommend foobar2000 with the free encoder pack for granular control over the batch processing. Change your library view to "view by folder" and insert the tracks you want to reencode to alac into a playlist, doesnt matter which codec the input file has.
Then righclick "convert", set DESTINATION to source folder, OUTPUT FORMAT to "apple lossless", PROCESSING to none.
Then you can convert. This will place the converted files next to the ones you selected.
This isnt necessary as cuetools will do the job just as well, but in case you need to convert A LOT of folders at once this is definitely recommended to save some headache in the future.