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foobar2000 mobile / iOS player search is (sometimes?) case-sensitive and definitely shouldn't be
Last post by Higgs Boatswain -
Hi wonderful f2k community,

I love the player on iOS and use it as my daily driver to play music on my iPhone.

However, some of my music files' tags use all-lowercase letters for tags like Title, Artist, etc., and in at least a couple cases, this is literally how the artist themself has released the music, meaning that the all-lowercase versions are canonically correct and accurate (see also, artists with idiosyncratic case usage for their names like the all-caps MF DOOM, or the all-lowercase k.d. lang, etc.).

On iOS, by default the keyboard will capitalize the first letter entered into a field like the foobar2000 search box. When this happens, and I'm searching for a track, an artist, track or album whose tags are not capitalized, then the search returns no results, even if the files are present and indexed in the f2k library!

Oddly, this doesn't seem to happen in all instances, for example, if I search for "steely" (all lowercase), I still get results for the capitalized "Steely." The inverse does not appear to be true, though.

I pleadingly and humbly request of the developers to change the search code to make all searches completely case-insensitive, both ways (upper-to-lower and lower-to-upper), so that I can continue to enjoy my music freely with this wonderful player!

Thank you all so much for any assistance you might offer.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by pqyt -
The Edit button of the Preferences only works if an editor is associated with the shell "Edit" verb. Unfortunately Windows 11 Explorer is so broken that it seems there is no way to change that verb anymore.

Here is a .reg file that fixes that. Beware:

1. Take all the precautions mentioned on Windows support forums when editing the registry.
2. Edit the .reg file before importing it and set the correct full path to your preferred HTML editor.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by pqyt -
Another pqyt issue, this one is a bit silly, but when I change the Columns UI theme (I have it to do it dynamically when it detects a change in window size) the space where the plugin is stays blank for a couple of seconds and it looks kind of ugly. . How could I modify the color to make it a different color?
I haven't found a way to detect when Layout Edit mode gets turned on or off with CUI. Under DUI turning Layout Edit mode off should trigger a refresh after which EdgeView uses the content of the HTML file.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by pqyt -
I still haven't figured out how to put different html files into different panels. When I installed the update I saw an extra button appear in the browser menu, but it seems to have stopped appearing. I don't know if it's because of something I touched.
It's a bug caused by a stupid last minute optimization without re-testing. The next version will fix this.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by ngs428 -
How does the "Remove Wildcards" feature work in Lyrics Processor?

I am looking to remove the following lines at the beginning of lyric files and it does not seem to work..  the [ti;, [ar:, etc always start the lines I want to remove.

[ti:Duck and Run (Live)]
[ar:3 Doors Down]
[al:Away From the Sun (Special Edition)]

Please see the 4 "remove wildcard" entries I have in the attached picture.  Why do these expressions not remove the 1st 4 lines below (bold lines) from the top of my lyric file?

[ti:Duck and Run (Live)]
[ar:3 Doors Down]
[al:Away Form the Sun (Special Edi]

[01:04.53]To this world I'm unimportant
[01:07.21]Just because I have nothing to give

I thought I found my answer toward the bottom of this issue on Github on what it does...

Testing seem like it works sometimes and sometimes not.  Thoughts?