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Foobar2000 vs Mp3tag

With Foobar's metadata editing features, is there much, or any reason to use Mp3tag with Foobar installed?

Re: Foobar2000 vs Mp3tag

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I keep it around primarily for the export scripting functionality, but also on occasion for its regex support.


Re: Foobar2000 vs Mp3tag

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Regular expressions yes. Other features I don't think foobar2000 has (preparing to be educated!)

* Copy all tags including RG and covers. I don't think fb2k can do that in one operation?
* Supports some ID3 frames that fb2k doesn't. A couple of those are used by Picard ... also has an %_id3v2_unknown_frames%
* Remove some ID3s that fb2k cannot. Not everything, and I don't remember exactly where it fails, but if you have used EAC to rip and added ID3 to FLAC (or WavPack) then try Mp3tag.
Also has finer control over where the tags are: %_tag_size_appended% %_tag_size_prepended%
* Better cover handling. Can Search for %_covers% GREATER 1. Has a %_cover_size% and a %_cover_description% and more. Even the cover view is often better.