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1.3 breaks m3u8 playlist files

After updating from 1.2.30 to any 1.3.x version of the Android release of foobar2000, m3u8 playlists' relative paths no longer resolve correctly if they tried to go up a level in the directory tree using "..\",  giving errors like the following:
Playback error: Document 6265-3830:Music Playlists/../Music/filename.mp3 is not a descendant of 6265-3830:Music Playlists
On: "[android] 6265-3830:Music Playlists/../Music/filename.mp3"

The playlists are all stored in the "Music Playlists" folder, and the music files are mostly all in the "Music" folder, with a few in "Music Playlists" which are edits made for specific playlists. Both of those folders are located at the root on my microSD card on Android, and the root of my user directory on Windows.

The m3u8 files in question look like this (example):
Code: [Select]
Since 1.3 of the Android version, the first and third links in this example (to filename.mp3 and more filenames.mp3) would result in errors following the format of the one above, while the second one (to otherFilename.mp3) would resolve just fine for some reason. Before, this format would work flawlessly on both Windows and Android versions of foobar2000.

Just before posting this, I finally got around to actually testing this further, trying to use absolute paths instead of relative paths, but it seems those get resolved as relative paths as well.

Test 2: (note: the playlist here is located in <SDCardRoot>/Music Playlists/6265-3830/playlist.m3u8)
Code: [Select]
Result 2:
Playback error: Object not found
On: "[android] 6265-3830:Music Playlists/6265-3830/6265-3830/6265-3830:Music/filename.mp3"

Test 3: (same location as Test 2)
Code: [Select]
[android] 6265-3830:Music/filename.mp3
Result 3:
Playback error: Unsupported file format
On: "[android] 6265-3830:Music Playlists/6265-3830/6265-3830:Music/filename.mp3"

Once again, the original playlists (using relative paths) continue to work fine after uninstalling and manually installing the 1.2.30 apk. It's a shame the Android release of VLC is incapable of even indexing my media library, let alone playing playlists, or I'd absolutely be using that instead. Aside from that, I'm not aware of any other music player solution that allows the transfer of playlists between two separate Windows devices and an Android device without being some stupid DRM-laden streaming service, so this is kinda my only option.


Re: 1.3 breaks m3u8 playlist files

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I use Version: 1.3.1

Already spend hours to use relative paths for m3u playlists. No way.
So good to hear that it works before and hope will work again.

Absolute paths works just fine.
Code: [Select]

Music files and m3u files are on SD-Card but not same folder.
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