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[skin] COMA [20.5/22:9]

For some reason, in fb2k-Skin, the background of the playback screen is gray (48-48-48) and cannot be changed, so [rectangle] is used to create a rectangular background that fits the screen. If this background rectangle doesn't match the fb2k area displayed on the screen, the button and album art will be distorted. Moreover, the sizes of the status bar at the top and buttons/sliders at the bottom are flexible depending on the display settings in Android. Therefore, there are 18 different cases (excluding multi-window) depending on the text size (x3), screen direction (x2), and navigation type (x3) even for one aspect ratio.

- In this skin, 8 sizes are registered in [20.5:9] and [22:9] aspect ratios, including 2 screen directions, 3 navigation types, and 2 multi-windows based on default text size.

- It was made based on the screenshots of the model I own, if you want to register a different aspect ratio, it would be appreciated if you let me know the value (px) of [aspect ratio/screenshot size/statusbar height/(button height)/(slider height)].

- The control buttons of the multi-window(or Flex Mode) are not visible during playback, and the Play/Stop button in the center of the screen and the Previous/Next track buttons left and right are arranged in a 1:2:1 size, so you can see them the moment you touch them.

- Some information is missing when playing UPnP server. (composer, year)

- [composer] output is limited to [if classical].

- [Year] is excluded because it is output in units of [0000-00-00]

- [Album Artist], not [Artist].

- ver 2.0