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Feature-request: multi-value genre and style tags

These days, most up-to-date tag sources and taggers treat GENRE and STYLE as multi-value fields.
I wish mobile foobar2k allowed me to treat these tags akin to %<genre>% instead of %genre% in the desktop app: one branch per value, instead of concatenating them into a single, useless franken-genre string.

The franken-genre behavior breaks most expected use cases of the genre tag: Browsing all releases/tracks that share a genre; putting the genre on shuffle; and so on.

As is, Amon Tobin's inFAMOUS soundtrack, as tagged by discogs, creates an entry in the genre list like this:
for reference:

Re: Feature-request: multi-value genre and style tags

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I apologize, please delete this topic. This behavior was caused by old files in my collection that I tagged before setting STYLE as a multi-value field in foobar2k.