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Topic: [Feature Request] Skip/exclude tracks that did play in last N days (Read 372 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Feature Request] Skip/exclude tracks that did play in last N days

I don't know if it currently maintains any sort of playback statistics, but this would be really nice if it did & could use it to do this behavior.

Ideally I'd imagine something like this:

1. All the shuffled listings (most notably "Shuffle All Tracks" and "Shuffle All Albums"), will automatically exclude tracks that played recently. This means, such tracks simply don't get included in the shuffled listings - not visible in the list and not playing. Filtered out at the early stage when the list is built.
2. User-made selections and playlists are not affected by this, playing everything as normal.

Bonus point, it'll be great if the playback statistics were saved in a portable format like SQLite, using relative file paths (if it's based on file paths), and therefore were fine to share across devices.
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