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Deleting a file causes play cursor to disappear

(v1.2.32 on iOS)

If I open the foobar2000 Music Folder in the iOS app, then tap on a file to play it, a ▶ symbol will appear, indicating which file is being played.

If I then press and hold another file and choose "Delete", the playback won't be affected, but the ▶ symbol will disappear, so I'll no longer know which file is playing. This seems a bug.

A special case is that if the file I delete happens to be the file being played, the player will jump to the next song and start playing, which is good, but it has the same problem that the ▶ doesn't show.

Re: Deleting a file causes play cursor to disappear

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Just upgraded to v1.3. Unfortunately, this bug is still present in v1.3.