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Android version requires Google services?

I've reinstalled an old Asus TF101 with a custom Android 6 rom (Katkiss)
I left out gapps (Google apps) and have removed Google play services from the device.

The sole use for the device is as a music player.
The latest version of Foobar2000 that will run is 1.0.94.
Anything newer crashes at startup.

Do newer versions crash because they have some Google services requirements?

Re: Android version requires Google services?

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More likely hardware/OS limits I would think. That is a pretty old device.

Re: Android version requires Google services?

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Possibly, yeah.

The OS is 6.0.1 which isn't too bad, but its Tegra2 CPU is limited. Perhaps a native decoder library needs a CPU feature.
I know Kodi is a non-starter because it needs NEON which Nvidia only added to their Tegra3 and beyond chips.

TBH 1.0.94 is running well enough to get the job done. It's handled all the streams and files I've thrown at it.

Foobar2000 is a very special project.


Re: Android version requires Google services?

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Hmm, I wasn't aware that NEON was a separate option from non-vector floating point. I don't think that Peter's builds differentiate between the two, though.