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Topic: foobar2000 produces no sound after factory reset of Android 11 (Read 640 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar2000 produces no sound after factory reset of Android 11

I have an LG G7 One, which is an "Android One" phone, i.e. it runs stock Android and gets Android OS upgrades.
When I bought the phone it was running Android 8.  At that time I installed Foobar and have been using it ever since.
When the phone's OS upgraded to Android 9, then to Android 10, then to Android 11 last month, Foobar continued to work fine. But after the last upgrade to Android 11 the phone itself was not working properly, so I performed the dreaded "hard reset" in an attempt to remove any accumulated OS cruft from all of the OS updates.  After restoring all my data and apps, Foobar now produces no sound whatsoever. 
Foobar200 mobile Version 1.2.18. 
Android 11, Kernel 4.4.205-perf+, Build # RKQ1.201123.002 release-keys.
Phone LG Q7 One, model LM-Q910UM

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: foobar2000 produces no sound after factory reset of Android 11

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PS.  This is the foobar2000 console output.

[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Monitoring: Music : android://671B-240B:/Music
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] FFmpeg version: 4.1.3
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Build info: ARM 64-bit
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Media library: scan beginning
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Startup time : 0:00.025991
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Android device info:
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Manufacturer: LGE
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Product: phoenix_lao_com
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Model: LM-Q910
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] API level: 30
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Supported ABIs: arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Opening track for playback: "[android] 671B-240B:Music/World/Think of One/0887. World 2004/117. Grito Grande.flac"
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Last browse view session path:
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Image cache: 66 files, 273 KB
[2021-05-22 18:27:28.000] Prepared skin: (1440x2858)
[2021-05-22 18:27:40.000] Media library: scan ended, changed: no, time: 0:12.131
[2021-05-22 18:29:10.000] Monitoring: Music : android://671B-240B:/Music
[2021-05-22 18:29:10.000] Media library: scan beginning