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Topic: Connect iOS Foobar2000 to Mac OS 10.5.8 - Don't throw away your Apple Power Mac (Read 1646 times) previous topic - next topic
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Connect iOS Foobar2000 to Mac OS 10.5.8 - Don't throw away your Apple Power Mac

 Just want to share a few thoughts and a couple tips after much struggling.
I just joined the forum yet have been using Foobar2000 for a long time on a PC. I decided to rip my music in FLAC a while back.
Found finding a player for FLAC and iOS challenging. Even more challenging was connecting to my receiver.
Also a few years ago now I bought a Pioneer Elite receiver with Network, WiFi and Bluetooth capability.
But I had not been able to use it to its potential and conveniently, a very important aspect.
I tried to play music from Asset UPNP but it meant leaving the PC in the basement room that I use for editing photos 'On' all the time and even then trying to control that remotely was a pain and unreliable. Eventually realized that if the system to play the ripped music is inconvenient I end up not using it and not listening to all the great music I have.
I also hate subscription streaming models and having an untold number of monthly payments.
I also eventually learnt that Bluetooth does not play lossless audio and the receiver is not upgradable to newer and more capable Bluetooh versions.
I also learnt that ApplePlay, even v1, can play lossless audio. It can play FLAC and converts it on the fly to ALAC, amazing.
Had a PowerPC Mac G5 that can no longer be updated to newer OS just collecting dust as I could not even sell for $75.
Also had a MacBook Pro that I was using to play music live on Gigs as it contains my VST instruments, etc.
Decided to see if staying in the Apple ecosystem would facilitate things so I started the Power Mac and copied music to it. Connected to it from laptop and tried to use Foobar2000 for MAC but could not figure out how to access the files.
Plus Foobar2000 for Mac is really limited.
So I downloaded Audirvana and that is working sweetly while on the 30 trial.
But I like the simplicity of Foobar2000, the price (free) and the challenge to get it working, plus lugging the laptop around the house is still kind of impractical.
Can use the free Audirvana app to control Audirvana on the laptop, but it's getting convoluted now and will have to shell out $75 or whatever the current price is for the player.

Decided to see if I could get Foobar2000 iPad working and finally it happened!!!
Now I can access all the music in the Apple PowerPC from the iPad and play it wirelessly, AirPlay, to the receiver for great sounding uncompressed audio.

Many of you may know how to do this and it is trivial, but I think lots of people struggle with it, impression I got searching for solutions and how to's.
So on my Power PC (and this will work on newer OS X versions):
Open Settings:
For safety add a guest account with name 'remote' for example and password 'flac'.
Still in Settings:
Click Sharing: Use plus and minus signs to delete the default shared folders (so limiting access to music only) and add the 'secondary' drive with all the music, unless all your music is in a folder in the main drive.
Make sure to use the up and down arrows next to the User list and select Read & Write, to the Guest user just created, especially if transferring Music from another PC to the Mac that will have the folders for playing.
Still in Sharing:
Click Options and make sure FTP is checked. Also check SMB if planning to copy music files from PC archive to PowerMac for playing. Don't need to check AFP unless accessing from another Apple PC.
Find and write the IP addressed after closing the Options dialog box in that appears in Sharing, it will say something like Users can access this computer at for example.
Now on Foobar2000, iPad:
Go to Foobar Settings - Media Library - Add Folder - Then type in the open window
ftp://remote:flac@<IP address of PowerMac or Newer Intel Mac>/volumes/,name of the drive where music is located/name of folder where all the music files are stored.
ftp://remote:flac@ Flac - for clarification /volumes tells Foobar in which drive the music folder is located, needed if Folder is not in the Booting drive. Then /volumes/music - "music" in this example is the name of the drive where the music folder is located. And finally /volumes/music/music flac - "music flac" is the actual name of the folder where all the music resides
If all is done correctly press enter on iPad and Foobar will start Indexing all the file, YAY!!!!
After a while start playing And footer will retie FLAC files wirelessly and uncompressed after selecting the receiver capable of AirPlay. But it will also work with a bluetooth receiver or speaker, but it will be compressed. Difference in quality negligible unless a high end system is used.
Hopefully I did not mess up or missed steps, but willing to correct if someone finds errors or has questions.
And hopefully find this helpful...
Long live music! and Foobar2000!
So there it is,