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Album art in Android app with cue sheets

I just installed foobar2000 on my Fiio X5 3rd gen, where I have my albums stored as MP3 files with cue sheets.  The mp3s have the album art included in the ID3 tag, and there is also a file named folder.jpg beside it in the folder containing the mp3 and cue files (I've also tried cover.jpg and front.jpg).

When I navigate in foobar2000 from 'Album Artist / Album' to get to my albums, I am able to select and play each album with no issues as far as audio playback and track selection, but I am not seeing the album art.  Is album art not supported with cue sheets in the Android app, or do I need to do something else to support it?  These folders play back just fine with album art in the Windows application.