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Topic: Album artist scrobbling with Pano and Simple Scrobbler (SLS) (Read 1552 times) previous topic - next topic
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Album artist scrobbling with Pano and Simple Scrobbler (SLS)

At first I thought this was an issue with the aforementioned Android apps, however, it appears foobar (and AIMP for that matter) is the problem:

Indeed, I tried the GoneMAD Music Player with Pano, and it scrobbled album artist fine. This shouldn't be too much of an issue and could probably be fixed quickly. Foobar2000 on Windows (and AIMP) scrobbles album artist just fine with the foo_scrobble extension. But on Android, the two only useful and really good scrobble apps, Pano and SLS, just don't scrobble album artist. This causes a problem with the scrobbles sent to, in that they get the artist field in the album artist field. Which of course disorganizes the scrobble statistics. With and ListenBrainz, this isn't a problem because they don't use the album artist field.

Anyway it'd be cool if the Android version of fb2k could be updated to resolve this.
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Re: Album artist scrobbling with Pano and Simple Scrobbler (SLS)

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Here's a Reddit thread about this issue:

As can be seen in that thread, it's a player issue; Pano and Simple Scrobbler don't have any problem sending information to about the album artist, but foobar2000 and AIMP on Android, don't allow these open source scrobblers to send the album artist tag, whereas GoneMAD and Poweramp do. It would be great if this could be resolved in the next update, as fbk2 on Android is unusable for those of us who scrobble right now. It would be a shame if this issue took like 5 years until it was fixed, lol.
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