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Topic: Foobar Mobile Android doesn't pause when Bluetooth goes away, plays in speaker (Read 771 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar Mobile Android doesn't pause when Bluetooth goes away, plays in speaker

An issue which has stopped me from using this as my main mobile player:  I most often listen in my car, connecting from the phone running Foobar (Android on a Samsung phone) to my car "entertainment center" via Bluetooth.  The issue is when I shut off the car, instead of the music pausing, it switches to the phone speaker, not what I want.  When it is manually paused and I start the car, it works fine, starts to play via the Bluetooth connection. 

As a result, I've continued to use the Poweramp (not dBpoweramp!) Android app as a player, but I'd prefer to use Foobar's mobile app. because of other features it offers.

I tried a lot of combinations of settings to solve this but no joy.  I figured it was me, that I just didn't set it up correctly, but recently was communicating with a friend who said he has the same issue and was also unable to correct it.

Any chance on a fix for this, or do I really have some setting wrong?