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Volume bug

Hi. Thank for your work!
F2K Mobile is perfect player but there is some bugs.

I`ve set volume level to -10 dB in f2k. But Volume level resets after incoming call and after incoming message. There is no problem with other notifictions (like facebook, whatsapp and other apps). It appears only after incoming call or sms. Volume resets to 0 dB.
Also after incoming sms volume level become lower for a 30 seconds or something like that and then resets to 0 dB. With other apps it become lower for a one or two seconds and come back to -10 dB.

Second one associated with bluetooth headset. If I turn my bluetooth headset on during the conversation f2k stars playback so I hear music in my headset and in the ear speaker on mobile. In this case there is no difference what communication channel I use (gprs, or whatsapp).

Thank you for the attention

My mobile model in Xiaomi Mi6 on MIUI Global 11.0.6 (stable version)