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Support - (fb2k) / Re: FB2K v2/v2.1 cannot support Monkey's Audio 4.11 version APE file
Last post by Case -
I downloaded Monkey's Audio v4.11 and created a test track with various compression levels. Everything works fine on foobar2000 v2.0 and the v2.1 preview.

You could try the file with latest version of official Monkey's Audio. If it doesn't work on it either, you could contact Matt Ashland and report the problem to the source.
Or you could share a sample file so people could try and figure out what's wrong with your track.
foobar2000 mobile / Adding album cover art
Last post by TomH1138 -
Hi! I just downloaded the app after reading several recommendations. I searched to see if this issue had already been discussed, but the threads I found didn't quite get to the nuances of my issue.

For current music bought off of Amazon and downloaded to my device, the album art displays just fine. However, I have a lot of music from older CDs before the album art was embedded, as well as a number of more obscure artists / songs. I can find the album art online and download it to my device just fine, but I can't figure out how to make it appear alongside the album / track. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC - database no longer finding cds
Last post by HA-User -
i would update eac, but david bryant from wavpack helped me get eac working.  we had a million and one different options to try, before we got it all nailed down.
i would be a fish out of water, if all that accidentally got erased
i think i updated to the current version at that time.  so it must have been 9 years ago that he made all those changes
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC - database no longer finding cds
Last post by korth -
The freedb plugin had a cover and lyric search. The MusicBrainz plugin is the freedb plugin reworked for MusicBrainz including covers and lyrics.

The freedb plugin seems to retain the server information. Just paste it into the space.

CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC - database no longer finding cds
Last post by HA-User -
thanks, that works nicely.  if i click on built-in-freedb, then it seems to use the search engine that i have typed in.  for now, i will leave it to be the gnu search engine.
i am running version 1.0 beta 4 from december 2014.  it does not list the musicbrainz engine, so i do not have access to it.  but it does list the cuetools data base.  it also has the gd3 plug in, as well as the freedb plug-in (which no longer works).
not sure what the difference is between the built-in freedb and the freedb metadata.  but i guess at this point, it does not make any difference, cuz i cant get to either one.
one nice feature of the cuetools is that it lists the song names of each option by just moving the mouse on it.  on this current cd, there were 3 entries into the data base.  they often have different formats.  the one i like best is to capitalize the first letter of each word, such as Do You Believe In Magic.
i attempt to edit each song to be like this, after the search is done.  so the more songs that are already like this, the less extra work i have.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC - database no longer finding cds
Last post by korth -
EAC has several metadata plugins available during installation. The latest version includes a MusicBrainz plugin.

The CUETools DB Metadata Plugin includes metadata from MusicBrainz, discogs and the original freedb but metadata is duplicated and stored in the CTDB so the plugin only connects to the CTDB for metadata.
The GD3 Metadata Plugin has a 10 use trial then requires a special paid subscription.