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CD Hardware/Software / Re: putting ripped files in folders when using EAC
Last post by JimLS -
I installed LAME and set it as the "additional external compression". Now I only get mp3 output.  I would like to put the flac files in one folder and the mp3 in another, both with subfolders of artist and album and don't see a way to do that for both formats.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: putting ripped files in folders when using EAC
Last post by korth -
The current version of EAC can rip to both FLAC and mp3 at the same time and can save in same folder or different folders. You would need to take EAC out of beginner mode.,118963.0.html (Kitly was in beginner mode and I didn't realize. Replace spaces by underscores issue mentioned in this thread was fixed in v1.6).

If ripping each track to separate files, a CUE sheet may be useful if you want to burn a CD or re-verify the accuracy of the FLAC files later. If ripping all tracks to one large file then a CUE sheet is needed for the start position of each track within the file and for metadata.
CD Hardware/Software / putting ripped files in folders when using EAC
Last post by JimLS -
Just getting started using EAC to rip a small batch of CDs.  Got some brief notes on using EAC to rip to flac and then flacsquisher to make mp3s.  He noted that EAC would put them into subfolders by band and album but didn't give details on how to set that up.  I looked it up and think I see how that is done.  But then read some warnings that it would make the cue files hard to deal with and needing editing and said not to do it.  Apparently if I did that I would need to move the files manually to the subfolders which would be a hassle but not a huge task.  I'm a little fuzzy on the flacquisher step.  If the flac files are arranged in subfolders will the mp3s be in the same directory structure but just under a different top folder?  Is the cue sheet really useful for anything?  I am making flac files for each track. 
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by Porcus -
Wouldn't it be a good idea to have it optimized for sines of standard scales and round ones? 440Hz, 1000Hz etc.

The thing about a signal that is a single sine, is that you can predict them by two coefficients of which one is = -1.
You have a predictor x(N+1) = x(N) * 2 cos q - x(N-1) and with q fit to pi* 2f/F where f is the sine's frequency and F (>2f) is the sampling frequency, then you are all good - provided that the format can offer high enough precision for that 2 cos q.
So if you want a flac encoder that beats the official reference on sines and does nothing else worse, then - with reservation for that precision - you can do that by including a special algorithm for the order two predictor, and spending extra effort on every signal doing that number-crunching only to ditch it because the signal isn't close to a sine.
I have absolutely no idea how much it would slow down the encoder.

(Actually when I first started playing around with codec performance, I was indeed surprised at how bad codecs compress sines - I'd have this hunch that if you started to fiddle around with lossless compression, one would try to get those signals going first. But there are reasons why the engineering approaches have rather targetted real-world applications where data perfectly suiting the models are just not going to show up.)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Is there any 64bit component like foo_streamer ( icecast2 source client ) ?
Last post by Nanobot -
Unfortunately not. However, I only sporadically run a web radio anyway, so the fact that there is currently no suitable plugin doesn't bother me that much.

Ideally, from my point of view a different approach to the original foo_streamer plugin would be desirable:
I would find it optimal if such a plugin would only add metadata to the audio data, but not re-encode the actual signal at all. Unfortunately, my programming skills are not sufficient to write such a plugin myself.