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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 for mac
Last post by niggurath -
Thank you for bringing fb2k to Mac! One of the things I miss.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by MordredKLB -
I use a RELEASETYPE tag for denoting EPs/Albums/Singles, etc.
I use EDITION tag for denoting Deluxe Edition, Japanese Edition, etc. (also RELEASE DATE is sometimes different for this, so I also add ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE where appropriate)
You can also differentiate on %__codec% as well.

Update your group by query to use the combination of those three and it should ensure you never have duplicates.

In the new beta version, the accessibility is great again. Thanks!
But there is a last little problem. In some edit fields like the media library search field, you cannot jump with the tab key into another field like the list of the search results.
I use the screen reader nvda on Windows 10 64 bit.
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by eagleray -
I am using a Crown XLS 1502 to drive LS50's.  Instead of a preamp I have a Grace M9xx DAC which has a line out (RCA) with a volume control.  It can put out lots more than the 1.4v needed to drive the crowns.  I previously used an Audioengine D1 which also had enough output to drive the amp.     The amp has both balanced and RCA inputs.  I have only heard the fan run once in a year and that was with my head right next to the amp.  It draws 18w idle and not much more when playing.  I consider it suitable for home use and is a bargain for an amp with 300 WPC @ 8 ohms and stable into 2 ohm loads (per mfg).
Off-Topic / тренажер мтб 1
Last post by Tarasirip -
Продам для дома тренажер доктора Бубновского (функциональный аналог МТБ-1 и МТБ-2)
Одинарная рама:
грузовой стек 60 кг
грузовой стек 80 кг
грузовой стек 105 кг
Двойная рама:
грузовой стек 60 кг
грузовой стек 80 кг.
грузовой стек 105 кг
Товар от завода производителя в Украине.
Мы являемся производителями:
* тренажеров с одинарной и двойной рамой, различным весом грузового стека, с регулируемым блочком и т.д.
* всех аксессуаров для тренажера (манжеты, сандалии, ручки, ручки-удлинители),
* можно доукомплектовать скамьей регулируемой (домашней и профессиональной),
* производство по спец.заказу (высота, ширина, глубина и вес грузового стека),
* гарантия от производителя до 5 лет,
* доставка по всей Украине транспортными компаниями(Ин-Тайм, САТ. Новая Почта и т.д.)
*оплата при получении.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by Porcus -
How would you deal with albums that have the same name? For example, original and remastered release? Or single releases with the same title and year but containing different mixes? For me they group together as one.

If you do not want to extend the album title (and if you do, I would use a separator character that you never find in your album titles - the umlaut without letter ¨ comes to mind), then: a custom tag! Say, "Albumversion". ("Version" is, I think, often used for versions of the same song.) Populate with "CDS" if it is a single with the same title as the album, with "2000 remaster" or whatever. Or "1990RM2000", then you do not need to include the standard date field.
FLAC / Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)
Last post by Porcus -

With lossless files, I know which ones in my collection are corrupted and cannot be fixed. I do not want to have to deal with "corrupted but I have not heard anything wrong" if I can avoid it. Not even "should I try to check if it is audible or should I retrieve from my backups?"
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by KozmoNaut -
Why would you use a PA amplifier for hi-fi home use? These amps are not designed with home hifi use in mind. They are solid build amplifiers, but could lack the 'finesse' you would expect from a good hi-fi amplifier.

This smells distinctly like audiophile BS.

I have used a PA amplifier myself when I was a teen and I remember is sounded very dull and lifeless, but was able to drive big speakers very loud, just what they are made for.

Yep, it's manure.
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by mitchco -

The Crown XLS Series 2 amps are an excellent choice for home hifi use. I own the XLS 2502, it's quiet, stays cool and is green at the wall. There has been absolutely no fan noise in the background, ever. In fact, I don't think the fan has come on even once. You won't go wrong with one of these amps.

Agree. I use an XLS 1502 in a home hifi setup, sounds good to my ears. I have not heard the fan turn on once.
I fixed the problem