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Hercules Game Theater XP: New drivers 4.10

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Hi, thanks for the news... i use this soundcard myself.  I had to edit your post a little, it's v4.10, not v4.02.

Here's what's new in 4.10:

- Improved 3D sound rendering- New Sensaura librairies
- Analog inputs now sent to the S/PDIF output port in "Main outputs" mode
- Enhanced S/PDIF input port recording
- Improved DLS MIDI synthesizer
- Fixed miscellaneous game issues

Hercules Game Theater XP: New drivers 4.10

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Hello, I am new to this board, and quite frankly not even sure what it's about!

This thread just showed up in a google search for GTXP's new drivers. I need them - or any previous version. I don't have my cds here, and I should be working on an audio project but I have no sound!

All the mirrors of Hercules site are either down, or the links to the drivers are down. If someone would be so kind to send me these or older version of the drivers, it'd be much appreciated!

You can email me: [a href=''][/a]
or ICQ message me: 57723056

They can either be sent via ICQ, or I'll grant access to my ftp is someone would upload them for me!

Thnx in advance!
.:Invincible Out:.