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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by fabiorug -
I tried this - -
It's almost twice as efficient as aac Itunes . Obviously it has different types of artifacts compared to aac Itunes.
It's not bad I think. When the full 1.3 Opus will come out? Probably in July this year?
General Audio / Re: What lossy format to use for Bluetooth transfer?
Last post by andy o -
AFAIK the only codec used both for music and BT A2DP in any significant way is AAC. Usually speakers and headphone manufacturers will advertise it if they use a non-SBC codec, it's selling point. Most modern Sony speakers and headphones use AAC at the very least, with higher tier ones using also LDAC. I know MP3 also can be used for BT, but no one that I know uses it, especially not any mainstream devices. In contrast, AAC over A2DP is supported in AOSP since Android 8.0, so probably all devices with 8.0 and above will support it. I think Apple also supports AAC on Bluetooth. Now if the devices will or won't reencode the AAC stream is up in the air, who knows.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: (Android) Notification disappears while on pause
Last post by andy o -
That "Do not optimize" option mentioned is to disable Doze for that app, and AFAIK Doze only works after quite a while when the device is resting and the screen is off, not just a couple of minutes. On Oreo, power management is more aggressive. Apps that aren't targeting Oreo have a toggle in the App Info->Battery screen that says "Background activity" under "Manage battery usage". It's enabled by default, and if you turn it off you might have issues with notifications. Apps targeting Oreo don't have that toggle, and presumably can sort themselves out with Oreo's new power management features, so if the fb2k app is targeting Oreo, it might be buggy, if it isn't, then check if that toggle is on or off.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
It should be but tag writing routines don't seem to get called for streams. I'll probably need to consult Peter to see how to circumvent that restriction.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Thread count for the converter should be selectable from the converter window
Last post by VEG -
Oh, it seems that converting to a folder on an SSD and copying files from the folder to a flash drive is really much faster (maybe 5 times faster) than just single-threaded encoding to the flash drive. It would be nice if the converter was able to handle such cases automatically. As far as I understand the issue with low speed is caused by the reason that converter writes data using very small chunks of data. Probably, some buffering and writing bigger amounts of data at once will make it faster.
Support - (fb2k) / Thread count for the converter should be selectable from the converter window
Last post by VEG -
I think that it would be much more convenient if thread count for the converter was selectable from the converter window. For example, when you convert some music to a slow external flash drive, it takes much less time when foobar2000 does it in just one thread. But when I convert from my SSD to SSD, it is faster when foobar2000 uses all the CPU cores. It would be nice to have an ability to control it without opening advanced settings.
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