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The DLLs are from MSVS 2017 which is DLL-compatible with 2015.
and third party components can easily use dynamic linking too without worrying about user having to install runtimes or bundling huge additional runtime dlls.

What versions of MSVS are supported?
Edit: Wasn't one solution to use "Don't reset DSP between tracks" in foobar? Maybe you have set this and never had to wurry.
It also moves boundaries between tracks, and resulting files will have slightly different durations.

@lvqcl, care to test how well the LPC predictor from Vorbis would mitigate this in your SoX resampler?
Unforunately, I don't have much free time now, so... maybe, but in some unknown future.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Command-Line Decoder Wrapper
Last post by EpicForever -
I have small suggestion. Would it be possible, to have in configuration of the plugin checkboxes next to each format name, similarly to what is present in foo_input_ffmpeg? That would allow for very convenient switching between wrapper / ffmpeg wrapper / native decoding of some formats  just by unchecking / checking boxes.
Yes Case, I tested it recently and it works well, especially in latest version (thing with reporting format names is nice change). However - as I said previously - for most of my collection of some old mpg/av/otheri files I decided to go remux to .mkv, which is natively supported in foobar. Anyway, due to some specific bugs in several files (which caused mkvtoolnix to fail remux operation on them), foo_input_ffmpeg is still a must for me :) . So foo_input_ds and relying on "sometimes broken DirectShow" became obsolete for me.
@lvqcl, care to test how well the LPC predictor from Vorbis would mitigate this in your SoX resampler?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by Tropoje -
This is fantastic. Thank you very much for your hard work with this component.
Is it possible to set the cover of the currently playing track as a background of Library Tree ? I looked in settings but maybe I missed something.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New HDD and Mass lossless conversion
Last post by Case -
Does this mean that I need to create a single playlist with 37.000 + 37.000 = 74.000 files ?  :o  Is that really the way to go ?
That's right. Note that the files need to be sorted the same way, so don't just drop random albums in the playlist one at a time.
You could for example drag your source file directory to a temporary playlist, do the conversion, then drag the new target dir over the playlist tab. That gives you a set that is ready to be compared.
Peter did mention the possibility of there being a public beta by the end of the year...,114888.msg947358.html#msg947358
May as well not ask, since there's no definite answer.