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MIDI plugin quality?

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This looks promising:

Musyng Kite 990MB GM/GS soundfont. Former Evanessence overhaul! 3 years in the works!

I'll add a mirror of Musyng Kite compressed to FLAC sf2pack, which comes out to only 10MB larger than the sfpack file, and can be used as-is with BASSMIDI driver, XMPlay, and foo_midi.

Quick edit: Seems the Orchestral Harp (b0p46) and the default drum kit (b128p0) feature some bad envelopes, and hopefully not bad samples. Quick fix, in the form of an sflist:

Code: [Select]
Musyng Kite.sf2pack

MIDI plugin quality?

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I've been using Timbres of Heaven soundfont almost exclusevely for midi playback with your plugin, as it covers GM, GS and XG sets.

If anyone is interested to try, scroll down to the end of the page:

By the way, I've just joyned to give you my thanks for this awesome plugin. I've been using foobar as my only music player for a couple of years after giving up on Winamp for good. I always relied on my soundcard for midi playback, (something I just can't let go) and was surprised by the quality of this plugin. No more clipping sounds and cut off notes after some hours of playback as was the case with the hardware synth from my Xi-Fi (or my previous soundcards), even with huge soundfonts like Evanescence (now Musyng Kite).

MIDI plugin quality?

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Yeah, BASSMIDI uses a floating point mixing process, so even if it does clip, it can still be volume limited either by a DSP or Windows itself. And it supports GS and XG features, unlike Creative's drivers.

MIDI plugin quality?

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I noticed something unusual. If I let the EMIDI device track exclusion active, some musics lose tracks, like the ones from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (PC edition).

I don't know if it is how it works or if it is some bug on the detection of EMIDI enabled files. For now I will let that option disabled and only enable it when I want to hear Duke Nuken 3D music.

Re: MIDI plugin quality?

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I happen to flip around between a mix of Colossus.SF2 (not strictly legit) with SGM and AnotherXG, and the two Yamaha VST instruments, S-YXG50 and S-YXG2006LE.

Colossus has very good sounds - but also terrible ones.

so i ended up with the arachno soundfont, which is pretty good for videogame midis imo.

but you say you are flipping around between those soundfonts.

like with a xml player using sounds of more than one sf2 files?

that would be great if this would be possible.

is it? :-)


Re: MIDI plugin quality?

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is probably easier to get into

wasn't online for a few days here. and to be honest i am not a programmer. i am into fl studio and photohsop.

so please tell "what" exactly is this doing? i mean the best thing would be that i can have two or more soundfonts, and with this "sflist" i can define which sounds of each soundfonts are used. but then i could make my own ultimate sf2 file. i would extract the sounds of my favourite sf2 files and then i would bring them together in one file.

but sorry. what can this sflist do exactly?

Re: MIDI plugin quality?

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It can pull instruments from individual banks, and map them to any slot you want. It can also map whole files to individual bank offsets. It can also map bank sets that exceed the total size limit of a single .sf2 file.

If you don't want to muck about with a SoundFont editor, it's great. By all means, though, go ahead and cut and paste samples and manually re-save a huge bank file every time you want to make a little change, though.

You can map one or more instruments to other instrument numbers. You can tweak the volume levels of individual mappings you make. You can also choose whether certain banks only apply to specific MIDI channel numbers.

Re: MIDI plugin quality?

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ok. this is just exactly what i need. like taking the best parts of the soundfonts i like and bring them together.

finally it would be great to have "this one great soundfont" with all the best sounds, but this is just one way to do it i guess.

i will check this out. this is definitely nerd heaven. :-)

thanks for pointing out what this is!

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