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mp3 track length incorrect


Yes, the much simpler thing to do is convert it into flac, that way the song length is gonna be reported correctly, and you get to keep the same audio quality, but you do increase the size a bit.

I am wondering if there is anything that can be done about mp3 files that have been exported/created dogdily, I have an mp3 file that's apparently 12:53 in duration, but when I put it into audacity, it is 3:33. You can navigate the song in foobar, but if you navigate anywhere past 3:33 it just stops the file, if you have it on repeat, it repeats the song after it gets to 3:33, evidently it detects that there is no data past this point.

Is there any way I can amend this bit of data which is telling the audio player (and everything else) the wrong file length? Seems like it would be some advanced metadata. I have encountered this in the past, and simply done the thing I mentioned at the start, but this is a little bit annoying now.

Any fix, no matter how technical, would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: mp3 track length incorrect

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Foobar2000 precisely has two tools for this:

Select the file, right click popup menu, "Utilities"
- Fix VBR mp3 header
- Rebuild mp3 stream
(I think the later also does the former).

Re: mp3 track length incorrect

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Thanks for the reply, JAZ.

I tried the first option (by coincidence, this was a VBR file) and it worked immediately, I really appreciate this. Been using foobar for a long time, feel like i still don't know most of it's features, heh!

Re: mp3 track length incorrect

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If you prefer CLI (Command Line Interface) you can use ffmpeg to directly copy the stream (no quality loss) or mp3packer to do the same and possibly save some space.
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Re: mp3 track length incorrect

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Just beware that some of these tools might possibly destroy information needed for gapless playback.
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