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Unwanted upgrade

Hi, I wanted to try to install the latest version keeping my old one (maybe 0,9xx?), but unfortunately the 1.3.17 installer has replaced the previous version and now I would like to go back to the one with the old custom settings. There's a way?
My os is xp sp2, so no previous versions files available...  :'( 
Many thanks.

Re: Unwanted upgrade

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Have you any backup of your old cfg file?

I still have an 0.9 installer around I think, but I can't help with the config.
Unless you would be happy to use mine...

Re: Unwanted upgrade

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Hi Fabiospark, thanks for reply.
I found in download folder the setup and I re-installed it, then I found my customized foobar2000.cfg on my old hd, replaced 4 years ago. All seems ok now, and I still play with my dear old  ;)
Many thanks!



Re: Unwanted upgrade

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Glad to hear you recovered your beloved one!

I know the feeling because I've been stuck to 0.9 for many time
as I was using Samurize to create a linked screensaver with now playing info
served by FB.

Now I'm on 1.3.8 and I managed to replicate the nowplaying screen with On-Screen Display
(apart the system clock, alas).


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