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PoQStacker update

A PoQStacker update is available at

Thanks for all the suggestions. Many of which have been implemented in this update.

For those who asked for ‘group levelling’ - I have an algorithm that I am working on...


Re: PoQStacker update

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Currently, PoQStacker only works on a PC

What does this mean?
Will it work on GNU/Linux? It seems like it won't, because the only file that's suggested for download is a .msi file (archived).
If so, then this is not a good way to phrase that:
It's OK to use the abbreviation “PC” to refer to a certain kind of computer hardware, but please don't use it with the implication that the computer is running Microsoft Windows. If you install GNU/Linux on the same computer, it is still a PC.
Also the source code is not open, am I right? If so, I can't see any points why it could be preferable over foobar2000 (far more complete, also doesn't try to "sell something") or deadbeef (supports GNU/Linux, open source&free software).
Perhaps it would be better to contribute missing features to deadbeef instead.

This phrase also is quite alarming:
Note: Some Antivirus programs mistakenly detect Malware (Virus, Trojan, etc.) in official PoQStacker downloads. This is a FALSE POSITIVE!
because, while the author likely indeed doesn't have any malicious intent, the download (and the whole website) are served over plain http, which is easily vulnerable to MitM attacks. It's also not clear if the user should expect the software to be signed. AFAIK most Windows users are "trained" to expect unsigned software, in this case here's absolutely nothing to protect them from a MitM who may replace the downloaded file with something else.

Re: PoQStacker update

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@magicgoose: To regular mortals, the distinction tends to be "PC or mac".
There's nicer ways to inquire about platform support than to go full GNU+.

The author has made some software that may be useful to some people that's not you, and may have no interest in trying to shoehorn it into some other tangentially related piece of software.

Take their "DJ" feature for example. It's likely something that would be a poor fit if integrated as a foobar2000 component or part of deadbeef, due to design choices inside.

In the end, choices are good, and I'm thankful to @Stacker for deciding to share theirs with us.
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Re: PoQStacker update

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@magicgoose: To regular mortals, the distinction tends to be "PC or mac".
Where "PC" still doesn't imply "Windows". It's about hardware.

Take their "DJ" feature for example. It's likely something that would be a poor fit if integrated as a foobar2000 component or part of deadbeef, due to design choices inside.
Yeah I agree it's possible. Would be better if the rationale was provided, though.

Re: PoQStacker update

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Thank you all for your comments. The website, certificates, dialogue and video tutorials are all a work-in-progress…

And thanks to those who managed to get over those hurdles.

@magicgoose – the evolutionary path, multiple languages and complex compilation method makes it an unsuitable project to be open source – but that may change in the future.

@zao – I hope you are getting good use out of ‘Hal’…

There are numerous unique features, one being:– I often use dlna to transport to various renderers. However, very few renderers implement replaygain. If you are using dlna and also have the Levelling option enabled PoQStacker will activate the replaygain mechanism in its server.


Re: PoQStacker update

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multiple languages and complex compilation method makes it an unsuitable project to be open source
I don't see why it follows. There are plenty of existing open source projects which use multiple languages and use a complex compilation method. A typical example is darktable — it uses C, OpenCL and Lua, and it's far from being easy to build at least on some of the supported platforms, but they did not decide that it's a reason to keep the code in secret. And it works for them really well.

Re: PoQStacker update

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Sorry @magicgoose for taking a while to get back to you.

What I should have written is that this project will not build without the use of some proprietary tools (which I won’t be making public). Having said that - I could re-write that dependancy out - that is what I meant when I wrote “but that may change in the future”.

I want to thank those who are using Norton for getting over that hurdle. It seems that my some parts of PoQStacker’ processing irritate it. This is interesting article I found on Norton’ website:-

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them as best I can.

Another unique feature of PoQStacker - I have a split audio visual system (my amplifier, TV, BluRay are independent units) with each unit having dlna capability. Occasionally, I like to play my music via the TV (or BluRay) so I get to see the Album artwork. PoQStacker allows me to split the dlna control so the Play controls “Play”, “Pause” commands go to the TV, and Audio controls “Volume”, “Mute” commands go to the amplifier...



PoQStacker V2.0.3

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Hi all,

Version 2.0.3 has been released and available for download at

Bug fixes:-
Several user interface bugs have been addressed.

There are some mp3 files out there that are really mangled. I've toughened the player and analyser further to cope.

Fixed a bug with DLNA operation where it would occasionally erroneously detect that the player had disconnected.

New features:-
A new Library database structure has been implemented to allow for further product enhancements. You may get a dialogue box letting you know the database is being upgraded. The old database is preserved, but not maintained by the newer versions of software.

Added a 'Find Library' button to the Library browsing form. It will look for a Library relative to where the browser is pointing. This is helpful when Windows changes its drive letter assignment to portable drives, or you have simply forgotten where it is...

Added a Verification option on the Rip CD form. It uses majority logic, where it will read each track on the CD up to the selected number of times until the majority of reads verify. I have a CD reader that give an occasional read error - this approach works for me. If anyone has issues with their CD reader, I'm very interested in some feedback.

Added a 'Reset Level' button on the Show Tag form. There are cases where album artwork has been added in an incorrect manner to a mp3 file – this can affect the analyser. The symptoms are - the track will start with a brief burst of noise and continue playing with a lower than expected volume level. To fix this - right-click the track in the Music Collection > Show Tag > Reset Level. PoQStacker should repair the artwork data and re-analyse the audio. Note - the Show Tag menu is NOT available if the track is in the Play Queue.

Added Group Levelling feature. This feature is automatically activated when the Levelling option is enabled and Tracks are added to the Play Queue via the Play As Album button - it is NOT activated if the tracks are added to the Play Queue in any other way. It's intended to be used where the audio level of tracks on an album should be played at a level relative to each other as would be the case for an album that was recorded live - very much like Replaygain's Album feature.

Operation Notes:-

When using the Play As Album feature PoQStacker will arrange the play order of the selected tracks according to the Disc and Track number, if that information is available in the tag.


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