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General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by JWiels -
Previously have successfully edited presets to make a list of about 8.  But have experienced many crashes in the edit preset process recently.
The above log was triggered by clicking 'Add' while in 'edit presets' dialog.
Crash trigger is inconsistent; sometimes when selecting 'edit presets', sometimes 'Add', sometimes after editing at 'close' after editing.  It will always crash once 'edit preset' is started.  At some step in the process. Even edit then immediately close -> crash.
Preset edits are  never saved. The list reverts to the previous list of presets.

Will check the app data folder.
Can this file or list be manually edited?

Thanks for quick reply
Support - (fb2k) / Re: [1.4 b3]
Last post by dhromed -
Then it appears the url doesn't return an actual audio stream or playlist. I'm guessing it's actually a web page with a player on it? What is the address?

remember @dhromed  that this option allows for much more
oh definitely, the location field is superbly overloaded, but if you don't know about those things, and you got an url in one hand, and an url-shaped hole in the other, then maybe it's not so confusing at that particular point in the grand user journey. :)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: [1.4 b3]
Last post by eagleray -
What happens if you try it?

The short answer is nothing.  I got an unsupported format error using the URL for a local radio station.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: [1.4 b3]
Last post by EpicForever -
What happens if you try it?
Good point. But - remember @dhromed  that this option allows for much more (like generating tones, sweeps, reversing tracks if you have certain components added), so potentially it may be confusing ;)
And it may not work on Autoplaylist at all :)
Hi Peter,
Thank you for your comment. Still I would be glad if simple "Ctrl+V" would paste new tracks always below selected item om playlist. Even when we are NOT talking about always/only trying to paste at the end. I discussed "at the end scenario" as the most obvious illustration why current behavior of "Ctrl+V" is weird. My main goal is to see "Ctrl+V" keyboard shortcut pastes always below selected element - no matter if it is 1st element on the playlist, 17th element, 1373rd or the last element.

Regarding "Drag & drop" - call me a dumb, but I hate d&d for most operations. Too many times (on my own and friend's computers) I used little bit damaged mouses (loosing my leftclick while moving), weak optical mouses when working on certain surfaces (often loosing pointer or stopping moving at certain point), totally screwed touchpads, etc. to trust d&d - too many times result was completely inconsistent with my expectations. That's why I also asked for "Add", "Remove", "Up" and "Down" buttons as a spare option for editing chains in DSP manager in 1.4 betas...
I'm trying to replace the quicksearch toolbar with a jscript panel, but I'm not looking for a ready made script, which would probably have the same layout issues that the quicksearch toolbar has.  I've seen some configurations with a jscript searchbox, but they are far too complex to extrapolate the relevant code.
I thought I could build what I needed with the on_key_down and on_key_up events, but perhaps I've been a little too optimistic. What are the basic guidelines? Which callbacks should I use and, by the way, how do I get the proper character codes from key events?
The issue is that JScript is not a web browser (which is my fucking dream... can you imagine how easy this stuff would be if we could use css/html for displaying panels and stuff -- I digress) so you can't really do an input box without completely faking EVERYTHING. i.e. you'd have to draw a rectangle on the screen. When the user clicks on it you have to draw a carat. When the user presses a key you have to draw a character to the screen and move the carat, you have to redraw on backspaces,.... etc.

I assume it *could* be done and maybe someone has done it, but it sounds awful to me.

There is some good news though. Doing something on keypresses is the easy part! The delete and ctrl-A keys call functions specific to my theme, but ctrl-F and Shift-F will run different foobar searches which might be good enough for you.
Code: [Select]
function on_key_down(vkey) {
var CtrlKeyPressed = utils.IsKeyPressed(VK_CONTROL);
var ShiftKeyPressed = utils.IsKeyPressed(VK_SHIFT);
switch (vkey) {
RemovePlaylistSelection(activeList, crop = false);
case VK_KEY_A:
CtrlKeyPressed && selectAll();
case VK_KEY_F:
CtrlKeyPressed && fb.RunMainMenuCommand("Edit/Search");
ShiftKeyPressed && !CtrlKeyPressed && fb.RunMainMenuCommand("Library/Search");
Archimago reviewed AudioEngine D3 already:

...and be careful of the clipping problem he mentioned with the D3: well as the intersample clipping I mentioned in this thread:,110058.0.html

Such issues can affect ABX test accuracy.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: [1.4 b3]
Last post by dhromed -
What happens if you try it?
My DAC is Audioengine D3. I don't think I can disable resampling, and honestly I'm not sure if it's delta sigma. Anyway, when I'm ready I will try to make 2 tests - with and without upsampling.
Vinyl / Re: 33 vs 45rpm -- Technical Differences
Last post by DVDdoug -
Faster should be better...

My quick & dirty calculations say the outer groove on a 12-inch 33 has higher linear velocity than 7-inch 45.   But of course the 45 is faster on the inner grooves. 

But in my experience 45's always had worse quality.   I believe this is the result of production differences...   Maybe hotter mastering/cutting, less attention to quality, and I've read it was common to use "regrind" vinyl.  The record companies didn't seem to care about quality and the customers didn't seem to care about quality either.

I don't remember ever hearing an LP that didn't sound better than the single...  Of course that's totally non-scientific..  It was  a long time ago, it was a small sample of cases where I owned the single and the LP, and it was not a blind test.  

◾45s are often mastered 'hot' for use as singles or for clubs. Listeners typically have a bias towards louder music, and thus dynamic-range compression can be interpreted as higher quality.
I wouldn't use the words "higher quality", but perhaps "more intense",  "more exciting", or "more appealing to teenagers", or something like that...

According to this site a lot of tape machines tends to have reduced bass response when running at 30IPS, so I guess there there is an optimal range of ideal operation in such analog media.
Probably just a characteristic of the particular tape machine(s) being tested.