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I often listen Groove Salad from SomaFM, and some times I need to copy name of music title from a stream to my .txt document, for later search from my ripped archive.
In consequence I am tired of losing my song lists and manual copying names of songs.
So is there some tool for foobar2000 that adds my favorite music title to some list or even better  - to rip favorite song if is detected again in a stream?

By the way, I used Mini-stream Ripper as a good tool to rip music from SomaFM.  But it has some problems in  saving files - around of last 2 seconds of previous audio was included at the beginning of the next file. Actually the application is abandoned long time ago.

This post is written to potential developers of fb2k plugins, who can help to resolve that annoying issue.
Any help?
This is the solution on EAC version 1.3:

You only need to put folder.jpg like in the image.
So what happens if you use the correct syntax %album_rating% GREATER 4?
General Audio / Re: Sound "drop-outs" every ten seconds or so
Last post by Juha -
You seem to have even more users for the IRQ 16 so it might be partly culprit.
To find out which ports are for which controller ... one easy method is: open "Device Manager" --> Devices by Type --> find Universal Serial Bus controllers --> you find those USB controllers 3B3C and 3B34 listed there ... connect and power your USB audio device and then look in which controller it gets listed (select the controller --> mouse right-click opens a menu --> select Properties --> Advanced --tab). Try to get the audio interface connected to a port for controller at 3B34.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Query search retrieving bad results.
Last post by lvqcl -
I do a query search with '"album_rating" GREATER THAN 4' and I got approximately 300 songs on top of the image.
You mean, 300 albums?
Thank you.

I'm sorry but I'm not very familiar with this.
I suppose I should allocate a specific port - a "clean" one - to the USB through which the music is sent to the DAC ? I am not sure however how to tell which port is right, and how to allocate it.

Here is the screen capture of the device manager. I have a USD hub supporting printer and wireless keyboard, and my DAC is connected directly to a USB on the computer.
Can you let me know what you think I should do ?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by marc2003 -
I've made the changes but I'm not sure when the next component release will be.
General Audio / Re: Sound "drop-outs" every ten seconds or so
Last post by Juha -
Have you checked if IRQ situation is qood?
You'll find this info by starting "Device Manager"
--> change the View type to "Resources by Type" or "Resources by Connection"
--> select option "Interrupts by Requests"
--> find the PCI devices part of the list (end of the list)

In this internet/demoing PC setup, I have to use port from USB controller located at 3B34 to get 100% clean audio from E-MU 0404 USB.

But another alternative, referring to another thread that has been posted above, I think, could be to go to the store of UMG and buy music directly there, since it seemed like these versions aren't watermarked. Is that true, or have there also been watermarked files from that store?

As far as I understand, the watermark identifies the reseller which sold the music - so there is no reseller (and for that, also no watermark??) if bought directly at the label??

If that is a marketing strategy, then sure I am not going to pay for is success ...

But I wonder: do UMG downloads pass AccurateRip? Or is it so that once UMG knows who you are and can track the download directly to you, they settle for less audible watermarks?
Support - (fb2k) / Query search retrieving bad results.
Last post by tipar -

I have a sort of problem here. I do a query search with '"album_rating" GREATER THAN 4' and I got approximately 300 songs on top of the image. Nevertheless, when I create a playlist the results include less than 4 rating albums, as for example 2'5 creating a playlist with more than 4000 songs. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Regards.